Spectra, the innovative and pioneering Saudi Arabian brand producing high-quality electrical products and wiring devices, was established in 2012 to start Initial production in 2015. Today, the brand is powered by ACFA Modern Industries Company, the subsidiary of ACFA INDUSTRIES, who acquired the brand and the factory in 2023 to build on a legacy of quality. ACFA is dedicated to sustainable development, offering Local and global consumers a series of new-age products and highly Innovative solutions that satisfy demand and create an enterprise win-win situation with a unique formula for affordable luxury. ACFA is geared towards providing the optimum, highest quality products to its customers in Local, regional, and International markets. Thus, a carefully selected range of SPECTRA`s wiring accessories continues in our modern industrial facility. Our extensive Research on the Saudi lifestyle and its reflection on customers’ tastes has given us deep insights that influenced our selection of SPECTRA continuing product range. LEGACY wiring devices, a name that Concludes our motto of building on a legacy of quality.