ACFA Board® is the perfect choice for Interior applications such as Partitioning, Decorative walls, and ceiling applications. ACFA board is reliable & suits any building type: residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, especially where speedy construction, cleanliness, and hygiene are the priority. ACFA Boards are synonymous with hassle-free installation. It is Manufactured using revolutionary High-Pressure Steam Curing Technology. Accordingly, these boards are perfectly resistant to moisture, termite, and fire and accept varied finishing choices.

combined with different frameworks like timber, steel, or aluminum, offers unique advanced drywall constructions, which help leverage maximum space utilization and substantial time-saving.

ACFA boards offer Architects major flexibility in design and thermal and acoustic insulation, besides being maintenance-free & highly durable. ACFA Fiber Cement boards come with square edges to provide a gape/ groove and can also be tapered, with special LKS coating for a joint-less finish.  

The perfect choice for Interior applications

These Interior solutions allow you to do the finishes with paints, veneers, wallpapers, etc. In other words, ACFA boards enable you to create a Ceiling, wall, or floor in a premium finish of your choice.

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BOARD DIMENSIONS                                                     

  • 2400X1200 mm (Metric)
  • 2440X1220 mm (Imperial)


  • 6 mm / 9mm / 12mm / 15mm / 18mm



Texture Coating

Veneer lamination

Wall paper  


Full-height internal walls

Half-height Internal walls 

Internal Ceiling

Internal wall lining/Paneling

Decorative Wall treatments

Decorative Ceiling treatements


Board Edge Types