Light yet Tough, for External Board Applications

At ACFA, everything we do stems from an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and advanced construction approach. ACFA HD® compressed Fiber Cement Boards challenge the conventional practice of Brick / Block based wet construction. The unique compression technology at the green stage gives it superior strength even in wet conditions, ensuring a higher strength-to-weight ratio. ACFA High-Density Boards are inherently weather resistant and offer superior impact resistance, especially under exposure to high wind reversal stress making them ideal for mid to High rise. In addition to their excellent durability, they come pre-finished and are easier to install, thus reducing the construction time. ACFA HD® boards are unique in their category, blending with a wide range of surface finishes like laminates, ceramic, vitreous tiles, acrylic textures, and renders. ACFA HD® High-Density Boards sustain prolonged exposure to the sun, rain, and UV. Backed up with High impact resistance and dimensional stability, these boards help create external load-bearing walls that are stronger and long-lasting for a vast spectrum of commercial, industrial, and residential projects.

Why Choose ACFA HD®

Due to its unmatched weather-resistant, ACFA HD Board is a perfect suit for claddings and facades, not just ordinary façade solutions but masterpieces. Apart from being cost-effective and low-maintenance, they also give an effortless joint-less panel design with a render finish or a classy-modern look with uniform gap/groove & are ready-to-use and flexible.

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  •  2400X1200 mm (Metric)
  • 2440X1220 mm (Imperial)


  • 6 mm / 9mm / 12mm / 15mm / 18mm


ceramic tiles

acrylic textures




  • Wall:                   Concealed Frame-Groove

  • Wall:                   Groove/Gap -Plain/Designer

  • Cladding:            Non-ventilated – Monolith

  • Cladding:            Gap - Plain & Recessed

  • Cladding:            VENTILATED - Groove

  • Cladding:            Gap - Plain / Designer



Board Edge Types