Internal Load-Bearing Walls

ACFA HD® High-Density Boards are braised for their high impact resistance and dimensional stability. These boards help create internal load-bearing walls that are stronger and long-lasting for a vast spectrum of commercial, industrial, and residential projects.

Why Choose ACFA HD®

In addition to their excellent durability, they come pre-finished and are easier to install, thus reducing the construction time. ACFA HD® boards are unique in their category, blending with a wide range of surface finishes like laminates, ceramic, vitreous tiles, acrylic textures, and renders.

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  •  2400X1200 MM (Metric)
  • 2440X1220 MM (Imperial)

    Standard Thicknesses:

  • 6MM / 9 MM / 12 MM / 15 MM / 18 MM

  • Laminates

  • ceramic tiles

  • acrylic textures

  • marble

  • slate

  • granite


  • Wall:                   Concealed Frame-Groove

  • Wall:                   Groove/Gap -Plain/Designer

  • Cladding:            Non-ventilated – Monolith

  • Cladding:            Gap - Plain & Recessed

  • Cladding:            VENTILATED - Groove

  • Cladding:            Gap - Plain

  • Cladding:            Designer


Board Edge Types